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Hospice Massage Therapy

Healing Rhythms partners with local hospice agencies to provide massage therapy to patients at the end of life. Massage therapy offers patients symptoms management and relaxation and enhances overall well being. Research shows that massage has many benefits for hospice patients including:

  • Decreased pain, muscle tension and stiffness
  • Decreased anxiety and restlessness
  • Improved ease of breathing
  • Increased mood, decreased emotional distress
  • Improved quality of life

Our massage therapists visit hospice patients in their homes and provide gentle, soothing touch.  Massage at this stage of life is different from the spa or sports massage most people are familiar with. Hospice massage is provided with the patient seated in a chair or recliner, or lying in bed instead of on a massage table. Patients may be fully clothed, or they may opt to remove some clothing if they choose. Our therapists have many techniques to help patients find a comfortable position that still allows the therapist to reach the patient’s painful or uncomfortable areas. Many patients find that massage to their neck, shoulders, low back, or hips makes them more comfortable. They also enjoy hand, foot and head massage for deep relaxation.

Our board-certified massage therapists have advanced training in massage in a health care setting, and function as members of the patient’s multi-disciplinary hospice care team.